Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who Needs 'Em

Cars are now I thing of the past. Someone give me my jetpack!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Culture of Death Watch

Catholics Who Vote for FOCA Could Face Automatic Excommunication.

The Contessa Pelosi will not be pleased. Neither, for that matter, will Mahony who will have to, you know, actually behave like a bishop and not just hire a PR firm to cover things up. I hope the grace of their ordination sees these guys through the storm that it coming. We all need it.

Tensions Rise

Cafeteria Catholicism: From this article.

The Church (the actual Church as distinct from whatever schism and fantasies progressive and reactionaries dream of) will not be reforming its basic positions on The Pelvic Issues. It just won't. So we will not be seeing women priests, approval of homosexuality, artificial contraception, abortion, divorce and remarriage and all the rest of it. It's just not going to happen.

That means the Deformers will have to either a) go into schism and try to pretend they are still the Catholic Church; b) continue the futile attempt to change the Church; c) attempt to destroy the Church by the use of Caesar's might; or d) repent.

Those are the only options. The Church Will. Not. Change her teaching.

That's not, by the way, because our bishops are amazing profiles in courage. It's because the Holy Spirit, the Soul of the Church, is the guarantor of revelation and our arms are just too short to box with Him.

Catholicism doesn't follow the world, we all know where that leads.

So I've Decided II

That anything can be told more excitingly (that's a word) then the thing actually is. All it needs is a proper build up, and by proper I mean hiding the complete normalcy of the thing with exciting verbs, adjectives and nouns that, in a way, one might put it, exaggerate the facts =P

Take this xkcd comic for example:


(Courtesy of

Quote of the Day I

From a movie a recently watched Rudy:

When Rudy was in a funk after being rejected admission to Notre Dame for the 5th time. Father Cameron a Priest who has been helping Rudy along the way says this after Rudy wonders aloud whether he hasn't prayed enough.

"Praying is something we do in our time, the answers come in Gods time."

"Now in 35 years of religious study I have only come up with 2 hard, incontrovertible facts. One, there is a God, and two... I'm not Him."

So I've Decided I

That Rudy is now one of my top favorite movies. If you want an inspirational movie, Rudy has it. Rudy is the true story about a kid who grew up wanting to play for Notre Dame football. Rudy had little to no athletic skill when compared to a top rated college football team. With literally everyone around him saying he couldn't do it, Rudy successfully entered college and played for their football team after years, years! of trying so hard.

IMDB info here and free to watch on Hulu.